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Here at DH Machining, we provide high quality Advanced Rigid Plastic in precision machining. Our available Rigid Plastic are mainly included PEEK, PEI, PI, DERLIN AF etc. We understand that quality materials are very important in precision manufacturing. We work with first class material suppliers both in Shenzhen and Dongguan, this enable us to provide you Precision Machined Products with stable quality. Our high quality imported engineering plastics had a proven record in various industries including Medical Device, Industrial Automation etc. If you are looking for a CNC Precision Machining manufacturer who only use trusted raw materials, DH Machining will be your best choice. Try us today!

Advanced Rigid Plastic List and Application

TypeEnglish NameColorDensityApplication
PEEKPolyether-ether-ketoneNatural (brown-gray) /black1.3Due to its excellent comprehensive properties, PEEK can replace traditional materials such as cermets in many special fields. The plastic's high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, wear resistance and fatigue resistance make it one of the hottest high-performance engineering plastics today. It is mainly used in the aerospace automotive industry, electronic and electrical, medical equipment, and semiconductor industries.
PEIPoly (etherimide)Amber transparent /multiple colors1.27Automotive connector, Automotive electrical parts, Automotive heat exchanger parts, Microwave oven parts, Circuit breaker Medical equipment parts etc
PIPolyimide1.42-1.43Suitable for making anti-friction and wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, insulation parts, heat-resistant parts, used as anti-radiation material coating and insulation film
DERLIN AF1.5Suitable for manufacturing oil-free self-lubricating gears, precision gears, computer bearings, bearing rings, seals, cam machinery industry, electronic communication equipment, spare parts, etc.
ESD225Beige1.4Suitable for fixtures or sensitive electronic components during silicon wafer processing, including hard disk drives and printed circuit boards; suitable for fixture test racks; suitable as a handle material
ESD420Black1.27Wafer comb plugs, friction blades, vacuum rods, transport trays, thermal insulators, vacuum rod handles, equipment covers, dust-free boxes, clean room space, etc.
ESD520Yellowish-brown1.41Various production line components, semiconductors, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment components; semiconductor inspection equipment components, electrical and electronic components; transport containers, jigs, etc.
MC501CDR6Black1.18-1 23Electronic equipment mounting fixture rail tray liner bushing, etc.
Conductive PA66 Conductive PA12Beige/ black1.2Used in mechanical instruments and meters, auto parts, electrical and electronic railways, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure products, oil pipes, fuel tanks, and some precision engineering products
PPOPoly (phenylene oxide)Black1.06-1 36Applicable to wear-resistant and stressed transmission parts and corrosion-resistant chemical equipment and parts under high temperature work. It can also replace stainless steel as surgical medical equipment
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