Aluminium Anodizing

At a Glance

Anodizing protects metal by increasing the thickness of its surface oxide layer. It is commonly use in aluminium machining. When a coating less than 0.001” is produced, it is called standard or Type II anodizing. When coatings thicker than 0.001” are produced, it is called hardcoat or Type III anodizing. Anodizing is often used to color parts, improve durability and enhance corrosion resistance. It also provides better adhesion of lubricants to raw metal and reduces galling of threaded components. Anodizing is typically applied to Custom Aluminum Parts, but can also be applied to other metals including magnesium and titanium, and can be dyed to almost any color.

How Anodizing Works

Anodizing works by electrolytic passivation, a process where the part being coated serves as the anode of an electrolytic cell. When this cell is electrically charged with DC current, oxygen is created on the surface of the anode, which then reacts with the part to form an oxide layer. Anodizing is commonly performed in a sulfuric acid solution.

Types of Anodizing

Here at DH Machining, we offer various of high quality anodizing.

Type of FinishingMaterialsThicknessColorReference Standard
Anodizing clearAluminum9~14 μmClearMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 1
Anodizing blackAluminum8~12 μmBlackMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 2
Hard anodizing clear + teflonAluminum25~35 μmGreyMIL-A-63576
Hard anodizing black + teflonAluminum25~35 μmBlackMIL-A-63576
Hard anodized clearAluminum25~35 μmGreyMIL-A-8625F TYPE 3, CLASS 1
Hard anodized blackAluminum25~35 μmBlackMIL-A-8625F TYPE3, CLASS 2
Red anodizingAluminum10~15 μmRedMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 2
Chemical polishing anodizing clearAluminum5~10 μmBright whiteMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 1
Golden anodizingAluminum10~15 μmGoldenMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 2
Blue anodizingAluminum10~15 μmBlueMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 2
Sandblasting + anodizingAluminum5~10 μmSilvery clearMIL-A-8625F TYPE 2, CLASS 1
Special hard anodizingAluminum40~60 μmClear / BlackMIL-A-8625F TYPE 3, CLASS 1
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