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Here at DH Machining, we provide high quality metals in precision machining. Our available metals are mainly included aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium and brass. We understand that quality materials are very important in precision manufacturing. We work with first class material suppliers, this enable us to provide you CNC machined parts with stable quality. Our high quality imported aluminium had a proven record in various industries including Medical Device, Industrial Automation etc. If you are looking for a Metal Machine Shop who only use trusted raw materials, DH Machining will be your best choice. Try us today!

Available Metal List and Properties

No.Material TypePropertiesState of SupplyIncoming HardnessCorrosion ResistanceMagnetismQuenching TemperatureQuenching Hardness
1S50CHigh-quality carbon structural steelAnnealing200Very poorYes820-86058
2SUS301Austenitic stainless steelAnnealing< 95HRBGeneralNo1010-1150< 207HB
3SUS303Austenitic stainless steelSolid solution150-187ExcellentNo1050-1100/
4SUS304Austenitic stainless steelSolid solution150-187ExcellentNo1050-1100/
5SUS316Austenitic stainless steelAnnealing< 90HRBGoodNo1010-1180< 187HB
6440CMartensitic stainless steelAnnealing197-241GoodYes1020-105058-60
7S136HMartensitic stainless steelPre-hardened290-330ExcellentYes1020-105054-56
8S136Martensitic stainless steelAnnealingHB215ExcellentYes1020-105154-57
9XW-41Tough high chromium steelAnnealing220PoorYes102060-62
10XW-5High carbon chromium steelAnnealing240PoorYes940-98064-66
11DF-2Oil steelAnnealing190PoorYes800-85064
12C1065Spring steelAnnealing260-285PoorYes830-85056-58
1317-4PHPrecipitation hardened stainless steelSolid solution320-340ExcellentYes//
1412L14Super free cutting steelAnnealing150-170Very poorYes//
15ASP-23Powder high speed steelAnnealing260PoorYes1120-115064-66
16GS2316Martensitic stainless steelPre-hardened260-310ExcellentYes102054-56
17COPPERPure copper1/2 hard75-120HVExcellentNo//
18C36000Free-cut high lead brassAnnealing175ExcellentNo//
19AL2024Al-Cu-Mg alloy//GeneralNo//
20AL6061Wrought aluminum alloyT695-105ExcellentNo510-530/
21AL5052AL-Mg alloyH32/GoodNo//
22AL7075Super hard aluminum alloyT6150-165ExcellentNo460-470/
24CD650Hard alloyPre-hardenedHRC74 ~ 77PoorYes//
25A3 (Q235A)Low-carbon steel//PoorNo//

Features and Application

No.Material TypePropertiesFeaturesApplication
1S50CHigh-quality carbon structural steelLow hardenability, easily deformed during heat treatmentMechanical accessories, mold base plate, etc.
2SUS301Austenitic stainless steelCorrosion resistance is poor than SUS304Parts used in the manufacture of railway vehicles.
3SUS303Austenitic stainless steelFree cuttingCorrosion-resistant but not high-strength structural weldments
4SUS304Austenitic stainless steelNot wearableCorrosion resistant sheet metal parts
5SUS316Austenitic stainless steelNickel, chromium element is high, which improves its heat resistance and corrosion resistance. No Magnetism.Used in chemical, food, photography, textile and paper industries, especially suitable for manufacturing external components in coastal areas.
6440CMartensitic stainless steelThe most wear-resistant of common stainless steelsHigh-precision bearing fixtures that require corrosion and wear resistance
7S136HMartensitic stainless steelHigh mirror polishing, small heat treatment distortionSuitable for PVC / PP / EP / PC / PMMA plastics, food industry components
8S136Martensitic stainless steelSmall heat treatment deformation, good polishing performanceSuitable for PVC / PP // PC / PMMA plastic, food industry components
9XW-41Tough high chromium steelGood toughness and abrasion resistance, small heat treatment deformationStretching die, shear die, cold extrusion forming die and tap die
10XW-5High carbon chromium steelHigh carbon high chromium steel with extremely high wear resistance and high tempering resistanceUsed for stainless steel, silicon steel, sheet blanking die and deep die composite die
11DF-2Oil steelAbrasion resistance, easily to perform heat treatment with small deformationVarious gauges and tools for hardware cold stamping dies
12C1065Spring steelGood elasticity and low hardenabilitySmall-sized spring or elastic washer with little stress
1317-4PHPrecipitation hardened stainless steelGood corrosion resistanceSpring parts
1412L14Super free cutting steelWith Pb S, good machinability, low cutting resistanceHigh-speed cutting of parts commonly used in automatic machine tools
15ASP-23Powder high speed steelHigh toughness without segregationPrecision work, high speed production of cold extrusion dies for stamping dies
16GS2316Martensitic stainless steelPre-hardening, excellent corrosion resistanceHigh acid plastic mold
17COPPERPure copperLow hardness, good corrosion resistance, high electrical and thermal conductivityConductor
18C36000Free-cut high lead brassExcellent machinability, high strength, good thermal conductivityMaking electrical machinery parts
19AL2024Al-Cu-Mg alloyWith high strength, good machinabilityAviation parts, wheel, science instrument, ski pole fastener.
20AL6061Wrought aluminum alloyMedium strength and easy to machineMaking products where higher strength is required and lighter weight.
21AL5052AL-Mg alloyCorrosion resistance, with good machinabilityComputer, dinghy, refrigerator, bus and truck body.
22AL7075Super hard aluminum alloySuper strengthAviation aircraft skeletons, etc.
23BRASSbrassEasy to cast and press machinedSuitable for manufacturing deep-drawn parts with complex shapes and cold-rolled plates.
24CD650Hard alloyWith 15% cobalt, bending strength and hardness to achieve 500,000PSIElectronics, integrated circuit stamping and packaging dies, silicon steel sheet metal dies
25A3 (Q235A)Low-carbon steelHigh strength and hardness, slightly lower plasticityIt is suitable for the manufacture of steel for building structures and bridges.
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