Chemical Nickel Plating

At a Glance

Electroless nickel plating (or EN plating) is a chemical process that deposits an even layer of nickel-phosphorus or nickel-boron alloy on the surface of a solid substrate, like metal or plastic. The process involves dipping the substrate in a water solution containing nickel salt and a suitable reducing agent.

Unlike electroplating, the process does not require passing an electric current through the bath and the substrate; the reduction of the nickel cations in solution to metallic nickel is achieved by purely chemical means. Thus EN plating creates an even layer of metal regardless of the geometry of the surface – in contrast to electroplating which suffers from uneven current density due to the effect of subtrate shape on the electric field at its surface. Moreover, EN plating can be applied to non-conductive surfaces.

Advantages of Chemical Nickel Plating

  • Strong corrosion resistance. The Machined Components treated by this process is an amorphous coating with excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Good abrasion resistance. Since the surface after catalytic treatment is amorphous, that is, in a substantially flat state, it has self-lubricating properties. Therefore, the friction coefficient is small, the non-adhesion is good, and the wear resistance is high. In the case of lubrication, it can be used instead of hard chromium.

  • High surface quality. The surface quality of the plated parts after catalysis is LZ or ▽ 8-10, which can be comparable with stainless steel products, and it has white bright color like stainless steel. After the workpiece is coated, the surface quality is not affected, and no further machining and polishing is required.

  • High surface hardness. After the treatment of chemical nickle plating, the surface hardness can increase by at least 100%.
  • Types of Chemical Nickel Plating

    Here at DH Machining, we offer various of high quality Chemical Nickel Plating surface treatment for precision machined parts.

    Surface Treatment TypeMaterialThicknessColorReference Standard
    High-phosphorus electroless nickel platingVarious types of steel10 ~ 12μmBright light yellowASTM B733-97
    Niflon platingVarious types of steel12.5 ~ 18μmGray
    Aluminum nickel platingAll kinds of aluminum3 ~ 5μmGray black, brown blackMIL-C-26074
    Electroless nickel plating+ black chromingVarious types of metals18 ~ 24μmBlack
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