CNC Turning Parts

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CNC Turning is another common machining process in DH Machining. The features of CNC lathes is high precision, with stable quality. Our CNC turned parts are produced by trusted materials. Equipped with 2 CNC lathes, sourcing CNC turning parts is cost effective and easy for you.

DH Advantages

  • High precision, stable quality
  • Short lead time, 7 days(rush), 15 days(standard)
  • Compare with large scale manufacturers, we offer competitive price
  • A wide range of high quality materials to choose from

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Product NameCNC turning parts
LifecycleSampling/Batch production
ApplicationMedical devices, Robotics
MaterialsEngineering plastic/Metals
FinishesAnodizing, hard anodizing, passivation, oxidising
ProcessCNC Turning, Turning Machining, Precision Turning, Lathe Turning
ToleranceWith 2D drawing: As per drawing requested. No 2D drawing: ISO 2768 medium
DestinationIsrael, Italy, France
Quotation timeOffer can be provided within 24 hours.
Lead time7-15 days
WarrantyMaterial we used is 100% high quality. All the parts will be 100% inspected by our QC.
Payment TermNormally we request T/T 30% at order, T/T 70% before shipment. For sample orders, PayPal are recommended.
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