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CNC milling, CNC turning, precision grinding, EDM machining all under one roof.

We're committed to delivering quality parts, fast. Beyond just custom machining, we offer a range of options, services, and benefits that make it easy to work with us. Whatever your individual demand, we've got you covered.


Our equipment list

We have invested year on year in the latest CNC machining centres. Unlike most precision manufacturing companies, we have all process production capacity. Our own in-house machines allowing us to produce parts fast. Our clients return to us again and again because we solve their problems, meet their deadlines and, vitally, keep their costs to a minimum.

Production Equipment List

Over the last 7 years, we have experienced rapid growth. We continuously invest in new machines to expand our machining capabilities and increase the capacity of our CNC Machining Services. As a specialist precision manufacturing company, we enjoy a reputation for tackling a wide range of complicated parts.

Ser.EquipmentMachining Range(X*Y*Z) mmPrecision(mm)UnitQty
Production Equipment3 axis CNC machining center1000*600*6000.005pc9
4 axis CNC machining center250*250*2500.02pc2
CNC latheØ300*7500.005pc2
Manual latheØ300*7500.01pc1
Manual Milling machine800*400*5000.02pc5
Hand grinding machine300*200*4000.005pc1
Semi-automatic grinding1020S/pc1
Water grinding400*800*4500.005pc1
Wire cutting500*400*1500.02pc3
EDM machine400*300/pc1
Drilling machineΦ16/pc1
Tapping center1000*1000*300/pc2
Sand blasting machine1000*800/pc1

Inspection Equipment List

Here at DH Machining, we consider quality as our life. From the moment you send enquiry, to the moment you receive your final products, we offer you first class experience. We always keep high quality standards. With 5 skillful QC inspectors and various inspection equipment, we are confident to offer you high quality CNC parts. DH Machining is your one stop custom machine shop.

Ser.EquipmentMachining Range(X*Y*Z) mmPrecision(mm)UnitQty
Inspection EquipmentHeight gauge0-700mm;3+L/150umpc1
Image measuring instrument (SMM)300x200mm;4+L/50umpc1
Micrometer0-25mm; 25-50mm; 50-75mm; 75-100mm; 100-125mm; 125-150mm; 150-175mm; 175-200mm; 200-225mm0-1''; 1-2";  2-3‘’;    3-4‘’;  4-5‘’; 5-6‘’; 6-7‘’; 7-8‘’; 8-9‘’  "0.001  mm0.0001 inchpc10
Calipers0-150mm; 0-200mm; 0-300mm0.01mmpc25
Block Gauge1~100mm (83pcs);Tier 0set2
PIN Gauge0.50-12.0mm0.01mmset2
Dial indicator10-18mm;18-34mm; 35-60mm; 50-150mm;100-200mm; 160-250mm0.001mmset10
Thread gaugeMetric, Bsp, Ast6H,2B,6G,2Aset1
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