DH help you tackle tough issue.

Sleep well once you send us drawings. If in doubt, we always ask.

"You are a good detective" said one of our customers. Your mechanical drawings will be well treated, from quotation to delivery. Our talented team will check throughly of every part of them. Enjoy VIP treatment in DH Machining.


How we can help your precision machining project

Enjoy VIP treatment in DH Machining. We are not a perfect team, and we will make mistake sometimes. Everything we do, we believe in helping you in every step of our cooperation. The way we challenge the status quo is helping customers reduce risk with our experience, from quotation to delivery.


Help you tackle tough issue

Here at DH Machining, we remain a "Can do" culture.

When you are working with a big precision manufacturing company, usually they don't have time to listen to your individual requirement. However in DH Machining, we have time and patience to listen to you. Whenever you got a new idea, our 15+ year talented team will help you find a way out.

In the past 7 years, we have helped a variety of different industries customers solve lots of tough projects. For example, we helped our USA customer who is intending to develop a new peoject of walking robotics which is slightly exceed our ability. A custom-made jig and fixture had been develop to produce and inspect the parts. Our opportunity lies in helping customer tackle tough projects, instead of daily simple work.


Help you reduce risk by at least 80% in production

With 15+ years of experience, we have the ability to handle the whole production process. There are 5 steps we help you reduce risk in production,

1. Quotation
Our engineer will review drawings thoroughly when quoting and advise customers to adjust or optimise tolerancing requirements based on production capacity. It's extremely important for prototyping projects. Most importantly, it is completely free.

2. Taking order
We value your time. As a mechanical engineer you may be very busy communicating with several machining manufacturers. We try to clarify at least 90% potential problems on drawings, this can save your time. The drawing problem may include,
1) Lacking of necessary dimension
2) Missing surface treatment or material requirements
3) Dimension conflicts with each other etc

3. Production
Some problems may be found in production process. We will ask for your confirmation if in doubt. We always choose the best machining process and best materials to make your parts.

4. Inspection
IQC, IPQC, FQC, not one less. We believe quality is in the process.

5. Packaging and shipment
We have different packaging ways and materials for difference kinds of machined parts. Your parts are in safe hand with us.


We value your prototyping order

We are willing to help you make prototypes. Here at DH Machining, we understand that your innovation depends on how fast you get your prototypes verified. We pay much attention to your sample orders.

Every manufacturer love batch order instead of prototype parts or difficult parts every time. Willing to help customer make tough parts or prototypes means that it will spend a lot of time on it. But if we can establish long term relationship with customer by doing this, it is worthy for us.

As a midsize machining manufacturer, we haven't been under lots of pressure on operation cost. Unlike most of the large custom machining manufacturers who subcontract more than 80% of its "small orders", we produce more than 80% order in house. This means your parts will get better treatment in a midsize manufacturer instead of a big one.

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