Manual Milling Services

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DH Machining provides Manual Milling Service since 2013. Equipped with 5 sets of manual milling machines in house, our goal is to help businesses both small and large meet demands and expectations and we find that the most affordable, result oriented and most precise way to do this is by Manual Milling.

What is Manual Milling Service

Manual Milling is a machining process that uses a rotating cutter on a workpiece to remove material at an angle. Here at DH Machining, we provide high-quality Precisioin Milling Services up and down the China to companies in various industry sectors. Whether it is batch production or prototyping job, we got you covered!

How Manual Milling Works

Milling machine is a widely used machine. It can process planes (horizontal planes, vertical planes), grooves (key grooves, T-slots, dovetail grooves, etc.), tooth parts (gears, spline shafts, sprockets), Spiral surface (thread, spiral groove) and various curved surfaces. In addition, it can also be used to process the surface and inner hole. When the milling machine is working, the workpiece is mounted on the worktable. The milling cutter rotates as the main movement and is supplemented by the feed motion of the worktable or the milling head. The workpiece can obtain the required machining surface. Due to the multi-edge intermittent cutting, the productivity of the milling machine is high. In simple terms, a milling machine is a machine that can mill, drill and boring a workpiece.

Manual Milling allows us to serve businesses of all sizes without spending too much time programming modern machines or passing the expenses that come with using modern machinery. With Manual Machining, the turn-around time is shorter. With our experienced operators, we are able to get both large and small jobs done to detail in a short time and with better precision.

Manual Milling Plays an Important Role in China Machine Shop

Due to the low labor cost here in China, manual milling machines are still very important in a precison machine shop. Almost every costom machine shop equipped with several manual milling machines. At DH Machining we operate a "can do" culture and are always ready to explore new concepts, develop ground-breaking methods and take on the most demanding of milling challenges. For more information on Manual Milling, Manual Turning or any of our services, please contact us or send enquiry by

  • Quick Delivery– The manual milling machine is controlled by technician and don't need programming. It is a best choice for prototyping of sample parts in small quantity and medium tolerancing requirement. With our talented engineers, our manual milling can achieve tolerance as low as 0.01mm, and delivery as fast as ONE day!

  • Cost Effective – Price is probably the most important factor that you are sourcing custom machined parts from China. Every manufacturer have their own different way calculating the cost. It means every manufacturer will quote different price for you. With our 15+ years experience on manual milling machining, we are confident that at least 30% time and cost would be saved, without any compromise on quality.

  • Very Efficient – Manual milling machine is our secret weapon. Here at DH Machining, we don't have a very complicated company structure like big manufacturer. This means we can act quickly to meet your individual requirement. Now our manual milling parts are typically ready for delivery within 3 days.
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