Manual Turning Services

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DH Machining provides Manual Turning Service since 2013. Equipped with 1 set of manual turning machine in house, our goal is to help businesses both small and large meet demands and expectations and we find that the most affordable, result oriented and most precise way to do this is by Manual Turning.

What is Manual Turning Service

Manual turning is the most common way of precise machining. A manual lathe is a machine that uses a turning cutting tool to machine a rotating workpiece. A lathes equipped with corresponding tools and accessories can process drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling. Here at DH Machining, we provide high-quality Manual Turning Services up and down the China to companies in various industry sectors. Whether it is batch production or prototyping job, we got you covered!

Manual lathing It is a form of machining that removes material; it’s used to create rotating parts by getting rid of unwanted material. Precision Turning requires a turning machine, workpiece, fixture and a cutting tool.

How Manual Turning Works

Normal lathes are horizontal lathes that can perform various processes on various types of workpieces such as shafts, disks, and rings. They are often used to process the internal and external turning surfaces, end faces and various internal and external threads of the workpiece. Manual lathes are the most widely used ones, accounting for about 65% of the total number of lathes. They are called horizontal lathes because their spindles are placed horizontally.

Manual Turning is the process in which a cutting tool shapes a workpiece when it is roating. It requires a constant techanician to check the lathe. A Lathe is a machine used to form workpieces while being rotated. At DH, Our skilled technician have 15+ years of experience in working with various materials from Steels, stainless steel, Titanium, Aluminium, and Plastics.

Manual Turning Services is Fast and Cost Effective

Due to the low labor cost here in China, manual turning machines are still very important in a precison machine shop. Almost every costom machine shop equipped with several manual lathing machines. At DH Machining we operate a "can do" culture and are always ready to explore new concepts, develop ground-breaking methods and take on the most demanding of turning challenges. For more information on Manual Milling, Manual Turning or any of our services, please contact us or send enquiry by

  • Quick Delivery– The manual lathing machine is controlled by technician and don't need programming. It is a best choice for prototyping of sample parts in small quantity and medium tolerancing requirement. With our talented engineers, our manual turning services can achieve tolerance as low as 0.01mm, and delivery as fast as three day!

  • Cost Effective – Cost reduction is probably the most important thing that you are buying CNC precision parts from China. Every manufacturer have their own different way calculating the cost. It means every manufacturer will quote different price for you. Here at DH Machining, we have been always keeping a very fair margin, which means we never quote high price. We don't want to do "once for all" deal. With our 15+ years experience on manual turning machining, we are confident that at least 30% time and cost would be saved, without any compromise on quality.

  • Very Efficient – Manual lathing machine enables us deliver parts in general dimensional requirement, fast. Here at DH Machining, we don't have a very complicated company structure like big manufacturer. This means we can act quickly to meet your individual requirement. Now our manual lathing parts are typically ready for delivery within 3 days.
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