We don't tell a lie on FQA report.

Our quality assurance is achieved by: raw material inspection, IPQC, final inspection

Our Quality Management System was ISO 9001:2015 certified. We continually improve our quality processes to enhance customer satisfaction. Your custom machined parts will be inspected by our QC before shipment. Full inspection report will be shipped together with your parts.

We maintain a culture of quality

How DH Machining tackles two of the biggest quality control problems in precision manufacturing? Material identification checks and dimensional accuracy checks. How can a machining manufacturer know that the material you required is the material he used to produce your Machined Parts? From our point of view, it begins with long-term good relationships with raw material suppliers. But for sure the only way to check is introducing inspection equipment that allows us to verify. When it comes to dimensional accuracy checks we also rely on equipment when high accuracy measurements that your specified on drawings.

High quality machined parts requires good control process


Percent of pass

Inspection carried out by approved procedures.

Making machining parts with consistent high-quality requires good process control techniques and advanced equipment. At DH Machining, we use latest inspection measuring equipment to qualify all incoming raw materials, while our 15+ years QC team ensures that your parts meet your specifications. Last but not least, we make sure inspection carried out by written & approved procedures and specification for every project.


Raw material quality control

Usually there are three ways for raw materials quality control.

Firstly, we will choose first class material suppliers to work with and sign an agreement which indicating that if there is any quality complaint of the raw material, the material supplier will bear all loss arising therefrom.

Secondly, we will use inspection equipment to test the raw material. For example, X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis, which is a non-destructive testing (NDT) process. Each element reflects the emission with a different wavelength and a specially calibrated spectrometer can analyze the wavelengths to detect what elements are present and in what relative concentrations. The XRF analyzer can also detect banned materials under the REACH and RoHS legislation.

Thirdly, all incoming raw material will be recorded, in this way we can check the record of each lot of shipment.


In process quality control

Our QC inspectors periodically check semi-finished parts during production to ensure they are produced according to specification. To manufacture precision components, we need to have correct material with qualified dimensions for machining, need to check dimension on F/A stage for every set up and IPQC in mass production to keep stable and consistent quality.

Self-inspection: before the next operation of each process, technician must check the previous process.

Here at DH Machining, our IPQC process is base on the complexity of each project. If the highest tolerance is more than 0.005mm, workpiece shall be sampling at the rate of 5% - 10%. If the highest tolerance is less than 0.005mm, IPQC shall inspect every workpiece.


Final products quality control

Final inspection is the last checkpoint of a workpiece.

All of our measuring equipments had been correctly calibrate in the right time. Meanwhile, all of our QC inspectors are having years of experience, they could use measuring tools properly. All the parts you got are conform to DH Machining quality standard.

Our FQC process is also base on the quantity and complexity of each project. For batch production, workpiece shall be sampling at the rate of 5% - 10%. If the highest tolerance is less than 0.005mm, FQC shall inspect every workpiece. Full inspection report including surface finishes, heat treatment etc will be provided for each shipment.

DH Machining, a machining parts manufacturer you can trust.

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