Wire Cutting Machining Services

Wire Cutting is a cost saving and fast way to make complex shape.

We provide High Speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining Service since 2013. DH Machining equipped with 3 sets of high speed wire cutting machines in house. With a cost saving machining method from us, these savings can be passed on to you.

What is Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a process of metal machining in which a tool discharges thousands of sparks to a metal workpiece. A non-conventional process, wire EDM works on parts resistant to conventional machining processes, but only if these parts are electrically conductive; usually, they are non-ferrous, and include steel, titanium, super alloys, brass, and many other metals. Instead of cutting the material, EDM melts or vaporizes it, leaving little debris and providing a very accurate line. Industry-wide acceptance has led to a wide variety of EDM applications, as it is highly versatile, can cut hard metals, and utilizes a relatively compact amount of workspace.

How Wire Cut Machining Works

Wire EDM machining works by creating an electrical discharge between the wire or the electrode and the work piece. As the spark jumps across the gap, material is then removed from the work piece and the electrode. Due to the inherent properties of the process, Wire EDM can easily machine complex parts and precision components out of hard conductive materials. To stop the sparking process from shorting out, a non-conductive fluid or dielectric is also used in the process. The waste material is removed by the dielectric, and the process continues.

Wire cut EDM equipment is run by computer numerically controlled (CNC) instruments, which can control the wire on a three-dimensional axis to provide greater flexibility. Whereas conventional EDM cannot always produce tight corners or very intricate patterns, wire EDM’s increased precision allows for intricate patterns and cuts.

Advantages of High Speed Wire Cutting Machining

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to machine hard and electrically conductive materials. Wire EDM offers the additional benefit of accuracy in creating part shapes. Machining with a hard and challenging material that also happens to be electrically conductive, EDM is a machining method you should consider for higher accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

  • Cuts Complex Machined Parts Easily– A Wire EDM machine uses electrical discharges throughout a fine wire, it is capable of cutting precision structures easily, even in the hardest or most fragile materials. The wire can create an endless range of different shapes, even micro holes can be machined.

  • Cost Effective – With our 15+ years experience on wire cutting machining, we are confident that at least 30% time and cost would be saved, without any compromise on quality.

  • Material Hardness Does not Effect Process – tungsten carbide, stellite, nitralloy , waspaloy, nimonic all can be successfully machined by EDM while maintaining a low Ra surface roughness.
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