Midsize precision machine shop.

Quality custom parts in reasonable cost, fast.

Still willing to place orders with big factories and pay for their multiple workers, beautiful factories and high wages of a large number of executives, and bear with the 50% higher price? You should turn to a midsize manufacturer for a trial.

About us

DH Machining is a midsize CNC machine shop specializing in prototype and small to medium volume production. Starting from a traditional machine shop with 2 manual milling machines, DH Machining has grown into a medium scale precision machine shop in Dongguan, China.

By keeping a medium company scale of only 40 employees, DH Machining is small enough to respond to individual requirements quickly, but large enough to provide a high level of quality control. Being based in South China, Dongguan city – the engine room of China precision manufacturing - means that all of our resources are easily accessible.

DH provides a one stop solution for your need. We turn your ideas and mechanical drawings into real products. DH Machining, a midsize machine shop thinks more of you.


DH Machining equipped with over 20 sets of CNC machines, our machining capabilities include CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, manual milling, manual turning, precision grinding, wire EDM machining. Available materials are aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, POM, PEEK, ABS etc. Various of surface finishes such as anodizing, electroplating, chemical plating, chemical conversion coating, oxidizing, passivation etc. Your custom machined part is in safe hands with us.


Whether customer’s requirement for precision dimensions, appearance or the cost consideration, DH machining has been able to provide the best products and services with highest quality standard.

1. Fast delivery. Fully equipped with all kinds of equipment in house, we can deliver prototype parts within 2 weeks and cooperate with urgent case to deliver in 7 days.

2. Competitive price. By keeping a midsize company scale, our product is cost effective. Without any compromise on quality, you can get at least 30%-50% cost reduction in DH machining.

3. Responsive services. Whether the ability to help you tackle tough parts, introduce new technology or the professionalism in daily communication, we have a proven record for our services. Quotation can be provided within 24 hours, and email will be replied in 8 hours.

machining supplier

DH enables you innovate faster


Time and cost saving

Accelerate you product develompent.

Your precision machining peoject is in safe hand with us. Your time counts. Don’t waste it chasing quotes, quality and delivery.

In terms of production equipments, we don't have much differences from other CNC machine shops. When it comes to services, we are a machining supplier with a difference. We provide RESPONSIVE services allowing us to save your time and budget.

The Timeline of DH Machining

Foundation of DH Machining in 2013 was the result of an ever more frequent demand in the market for CNC machined parts.
  • August 2019Invested in the latest CNC machines

    We have invested year on year in the latest CNC machining centres. Coupled with our in-house inspection equipments, this allows us to provide quality CNC parts, fast.
  • December 2016Move to a bigger plant

    Continued growth required us to move to larger plant in 2016.
  • October 2013DH Machining was found

    With 10 years experience in precision manufacturing, DH was founded. At the initial stage of the company, two million CNY had been invested.
  • October 2003Enter precision manufacturing industry

    In 2003, our founder started his precision machining career in one of the biggest precision machining manufacturers in Dongguan.
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