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Electroplating is a process that uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating on an electrode. The term is also used for electrical oxidation of anions on to a solid substrate, as in the formation of silver chloride on silver wire to make silver/silver-chloride electrodes. Electroplating is primarily used to change the surface properties of an object (such as abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity, aesthetic qualities), but may also be used to build up thickness on undersized parts or to form objects by electroforming. Electroplating is a common method for Precision Machined Products produced in various of metals.

Advantages of Electroplating

  • Improving the material's corrosion resistance: Metals without any treatment are easily corroded under atmospheric conditions. Electroplating can improve product reliability and prolong service life. For example, zinc plating can improve the corrosion resistance of steel parts in the general atmosphere.

  • Providing the product decorative performance: Electroplating can not only make the product have good anti-corrosion ability, but also make it have a beautiful appearance and have a very good decorative effect, such as decorative chromium plating, bright silver plating, imitation gold plating, etc.

  • Improving the product's wear resistance, lubrication, electrical conductivity and other properties: the use of hard chromium plating, hard anodizing of aluminum alloy can improve the wear resistance of the material, teflon plating can improve the lubricity of the product, silver plating on the aluminum alloy can improve its conductivity.
  • Types of Electroplating

    Here at DH Machining, we offer various of high quality electroplating surface treatment for machined parts.

    Surface Treatment TypeMaterialThicknessColorReference Standard
    Nickel electroplatingVarious metals12 ~ 15μmMatte/BrightASTM B456 SC2b
    Nickel electroplating thickVarious metals13 ~ 25μmMatte/BrightASTM B456 SC2b
    Zinc colored-platingCarbon steel8 ~ 12μmIridescentASTM-B633-98
    Yellow zinc platingCarbon steel8 ~ 12μmYellowASTM-B633-98
    White zinc platingCarbon steel5 ~ 8μmWhiteASTM-B633-98
    Black zinc platingCarbon steel8 ~ 12μmBlackASTM-B633-98
    Blue zinc thickCarbon steel12 ~ 18μmBlueASTM-B633-98
    Thick chrome platingVarious metalsTailored to demandBright whiteASTM B-456
    Matte chromingVarious types of copper3 ~ 6μmMatte whiteASTM B-456
    Hard chrome platingVarious metals3 ~ 6μmWhiteASTM B-456
    Decorative chrome platingVarious types of steel3 ~ 6μmBright whiteASTM B-456
    Black chromingVarious types of steel3 ~ 6μmBlackMIL-DTL-14538
    Chrome platingVarious types of copper3 ~ 5μmWhiteASTM B-456
    Gold platingVarious metals0.3 ~ 0.5μmGoldenAMS 2422
    Silver platingVarious metals3 ~ 5μmSilver whiteAMS 2410
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